gigabit crossover cable pinout

9 12 2009

Ever had problems trying to get two network cards directly connect via that standard crossover cable at 1000Mbit/s speed? If yes – it’s most likely because your cable was made using 100BaseT standard – only orange and green pairs were crossed. For gigabit it’s a bit more tricky.

1000BaseT Crossover cable pinout:

Pin Connector #1 Connector #2
1 white/orange white/green
2 orange green
3 white/green white/orange
4 blue white/brown
5 white/blue brown
6 green orange
7 white/brown blue
8 brown white/blue

logitech vx revolution plus Ubuntu “buttonshooting”

2 06 2008

New mice are always fun, especially when you choose linux as your primary working environment.
It was true with MS Wireless Explorer 2.0 and it still true with Logitech VX revolution.
There’re multiple approaches to make all these extra buttons work, but btnx is the most elegant one (imho, of course).