Cisco ASA 5510 and Squid via WCCP2

25 06 2008

Had this mix working smoothly for couple of years. But recent migration of proxy server to the virtualized Ubuntu server caused strange behavior – sites which are using advanced web techniques (gmail, hotmail etc.) started to show empty pages without any tracks in log files. After some research I had to shoot down TCP window scaling which is enabled by default and decrease mtu to 1400. Full configuration after the break.

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logitech vx revolution plus Ubuntu “buttonshooting”

2 06 2008

New mice are always fun, especially when you choose linux as your primary working environment.
It was true with MS Wireless Explorer 2.0 and it still true with Logitech VX revolution.
There’re multiple approaches to make all these extra buttons work, but btnx is the most elegant one (imho, of course).