Scheduled Task Error 0x8007000d or Last Result 0x6

26 06 2009

Today had problem creating scheduled task for Shadow Copies on one of Windows 2003 file servers, details and fix after the break.

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How to add network printer for all local users systemwide (windows)

26 08 2008

There are situations when you need some network printer to be available for all users of Windows running server or PC (terminal users for ex.). Dirty hack after the break ;o) Read the rest of this entry »

Asus U1E Windows XP drivers nightmare (so to say…)

27 02 2008

Recently I was stupid enough to assist one of my co-workers in buying ultra light notebook. The one called Asus U1E was chosen due to decent weight to hardware power ratio. I’m not sure which exactly forces make Asus to pretend XP is not supported by this goodness, but Vista’s “spectacular” performance on this brand new CoreDuo with two Gigs of RAM has left me really surprised…

Anyway, decision was made that we want this notebook work, not creep…
List of XP drivers and utilities download links after the break.

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