XenServer APC Smart-UPS shutdown and monitoring

15 04 2011

My Citrix XenServer pool is powered through network enabled APC Smart-UPS (6000 RT)

There are at least two ways of monitoring UPS state in order to shutdown pool members and VMs running in the pool when juice is over:

apcupsd (installation used to be somewhat tricky before XenServer 5.6 and included some unsupported movements)

– getting values from UPS via SNMP and acting accordingly to them – the way which I went, and you’re welcome to see detailed route description.

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XenCenter disconnects shortly after pool connect – solved

28 08 2009

This morning XenCenter started to disconnect from pool almost immediately after it was started. Short backtrack revealed that only recent time adjustment on pool members could cause that. To fix this bad behavior of XenCenter I had to issue xe-toolstack-restart command via ssh on pool master.

How to add network printer for all local users systemwide (windows)

26 08 2008

There are situations when you need some network printer to be available for all users of Windows running server or PC (terminal users for ex.). Dirty hack after the break ;o) Read the rest of this entry »