Manually applying hotfixes and updates to Citrix XenServer

30 07 2013

Now, when 6.2 is available, those of us not having support subscription will have to install updates manually, it’s not that difficult, you just need to always start from pool master and never put it in maintenance mode prior to update.

  1. Get update from Citrix site and upload it to pool master using scp
  2. Connect to pool master via ssh or XenCenter console and upload update to pool database using following command:xe patch-upload filename=filename.xsupdate – it will show uuid of newly uploaded xotfix
  3. Apply update using following command: xe patch-apply uuid=<UUID of the hotfix> host-uuid=<UUID of the pool master> (you can copy pool master uuid from XenCenter or from output of xe host-list)
  4. Reboot pool master and continue with remaining servers in pool.



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